Flying Garlic — and French Chef owner Anthony Vicente — is your go to company for cocktail or dinner events, as well as cooking classes. They are also available as personal chefs; for everyday cooking.

"I have started my career 25 years ago working in restaurants and catering businesses. I have graduated as an accountant before training in one of the most famous French Culinary School (ESCF Ferrandi) in Paris, France. There, I have built the project of creating my own business. For years, I have worked with renowned Chefs in France and in England before moving to the USA. I am now continuing my journey in Cleveland where, as a chef, I enjoy surprising and pleasing people through my cooking. I have decided to start my own catering company when my son was born. Seeing him grow while still being able to do the job I love and making my customers happy is very rewarding. I'm very excited to bring my passions for food to the Cleveland community." says Chef Vicente.



(216) 375-8920




Shaker Heights, OH 44120


M-Sa 9a–7p




Hawaiian Meatballs Skewer

Pineapple Salsa Bruschetta

Vegetables Platter with Hummus


Hawaiian Macaroni Salad: mayonnaise, sour cream, pineapple juice, ham

Arugula And Spinach Salad with garlic croutons and goat cheese


Island Bbq'd Chicken 


Hawaiian Barbecue Black Beans

Carote In Dolce-Forte (Sweet & Sour Carrots)


Not supplied




Hawaiian Meatballs Skewer

Irish Potato Bites : cheddar, potato, sour cream & bacon

Gaspacho Shots : cold citrus tomato soup


Savoy Cabbage Salad: with Bacon, Blue Cheese Crumble, Walnuts and Mustard Dressing

Greek Salad : cucumber, tomato, EVOO, olives, feta cheese

SLIDERS (all sliders will be with hawaiian rolls)

Chicken Parmesan Sliders : chicken, tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, parmesan, or

Cheeseburger Sliders : Ground beef, onion, cheddar, sesame seed, or

Pizza Sliders : mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato sauce, oregano.


Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Creme Anglaise and candied nuts, Chantilly whipped Cream.


5 Course Seated Dinner


Smoky Hummus in a Choux Pastry

Roasted Beets and Fresh Herbed Goat Cheese on Toast

SALADS (plated)

Green Salad with garlic croutons, bacon and Parmesan, homemade duck prosciutto

FISH DISH (plated)

Skatefish with capers and lemon sauce, sautéed Julienne carrots 

MEAT DISH (plated)

One Pot Beef Bourguigon Stew with Carrots and Potato : beef stew, onion, garlic. carrots, potato

DESSERT (plated)

Millefeuille Cake : vanilla bean mousseline cream, caramelized puff pastry



Tuesday Dinner (for 2 persons)

Braised Chicken with Mushroom and Sundried Tomato 

Mashed Potato & Green Beans


Wednesday Dinner (for 2 persons)

Pan Roasted Pork in Sour Cream Sauce 

Orzo & Asparagus


Thursday Dinner (for 2 persons)

Salmon with Arugula Cream 

Brown Rice & Carrots


Friday Dinner (for 2 persons)

Two Corn Polenta with Tomatoes, Basil and Cheese 

Roasted Beets


Personal Chef

If you are too busy to cook healthy meals at home, let Flying Garlic help you!

We are cooking very diverse dishes from all over the world (American, French, Italian, etc). Your weekly meals are prepared off-site according to your requests and your dietary restrictions and delivered to your door.

We cook fresh high quality healthy meals at the beginning of the week and set them up in reusable boxes that you can store in your refrigerator and reheat as needed or even freeze if desired. We are using organic food whenever possible. All dishes contain a balanced mix of starch or grain, proteins (from animal or vegetal source) and vegetables. There is also a weekly salads or soup option. Explore previous meals by visiting our instagram or facebook account.

Before starting our services you will fill out a survey to let us know which food products you like or dislike and the type of protein you want in your meals. We use that information to set up your weekly menus. We want to make your life easier by taking menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation out of your busiest days of the week.

Our prices depend on how many portions/week you would like to get (a portion is one meal for one person, so 4 portions can represent 4 meals for one person or 2 meals for 2 persons...).

  • 4 portions: $100/week

  • 6 portions: $130/week

  • 8 portions: $160/week

  • 10 portions: $190/week

  • 12 portions: $220/week

On the first bill, we charge an additional $15.00 to cover the cost of the BPA free containers that we use for each portion. A delivery charge may be added depending on the delivery site.

Our prices are all inclusive, no surprises and include the menu preparation, the shopping and food cost, and the kitchen labor. Payment is due at delivery (cash or check) and an invoice will be printed and delivered with the food.

The food delivery will be on Monday or Tuesday depending on where you live. The following weeks, we get back the empty, cleaned containers from our customers, and deliver the new meals in another set of boxes.

Any requests (additional food request, cancellation, etc) have to be received by Thursday the week before the food delivery.

Email info@flyinggarlic.com, or
Call (216) 375–8920 from 9a – 6p daily.

Advanced notice required for parties and events.